S and K sprayer services Guidance System

S&K Guidance System

Recently we have been working in partnership with Altek International to develop a new auto and variable rate section control system. We are excited to report that we have now installed our new guidance system to a Househam Air Ride sprayer.

Designed to be installed on any sprayer equipped with compatible electronic valves, this precision GPS farming application for an android smartphone or tablet has the main features & functions:

• Section control up to 12 valves• Variable rate control
• Guidance pattern
• Automatic & manual turn off functionality 
• Area management only calculates the area of sections that are turned on or enabled
• Visual section control 
• Night mode 
• Job reports 
• Cloud services 
• Export files

This system will now be installed as standard with our Nitro Bar applicators.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.