Smart Spray

This new product has been designed and developed by us to meet the needs of today’s advanced growers. A combination of technology and product knowledge has created a machine which will reduce overhead costs whilst increasing yields and reducing the effect on the environment.

Designed with a triple tank system, the Smart Spray can accommodate widths of up to 9 metres and is ideal for treating a variety of arable crops. In simple terms, a non-selective product is applied between the rows through a shrouded nozzle which is mounted on a pantograph linkage mechanism to ensure a constant distance from the soil to deliver weed control without damaging the crop. There is also the option to simultaneously apply a second product, such herbicide or fungicide to the plant, completing two jobs in a single pass. The toolbar is fully adjustable easily allowing the treatment of different crops.

Each machine is designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of the customer where ever possible, the standard specification is shown below


2200 litre cylindrical stainless steel tank divided into three sections

800 litre capacity for weed control
in the row

1200 litre capacity for herbicide
or fungicide

200 litre capacity for clean water

Two 15 litre stainless steel induction hoppers*

Heavy duty powder coated frame

Two hydraulically driven piston diaphragm pumps (220 litres p/m capacity)*

In cab control box

Trimble FMX 1000 automatic rate controller with automatic shut off

36 sections

Air stop nozzle bodies

Individual nozzle shut off

*One for inter row spraying and the second for over row spraying

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