Nitro Bar Applicators

The S&K Nitro Bar Applicator has been designed to be used with a variety of implements in the establishment of crops.

It has been proven that the close positioning of fertiliser in relation to the crop roots can have a major effect on the nutrient use efficiency of the fertiliser. Placement with solution fertilisers offers significant advantages over solid placement, namely precision positioning is guaranteed, and the nutrients are dissolved, in turn offering a faster crop response. Our market leading product has been developed to ensure ease of use for the operator whilst delivering great results.


The key benefits of this practice are

Reduced fertilizer rates as fertilizer is placed in narrow bands precisely where the plant is growing

Helps compliance with NVZ regulations

Avoids feeding weed populations between plant rows

Increased efficiency as it combines two operations in one saving time and fuel

Nitro Bar key features

1200 litre capacity stainless steel cylindrical tank complete with sump and baffle

Mild steel powder coated framework

High capacity self-filling capability

Hydraulically driven piston diaphragm pump requiring minimal oil flow

Fully automatic rate-controlled system delivered via a Bluetooth tablet

Automatic on / off

GPS receiver

Full access tank lid

Discharge capability

Variety of mounting options

Optional features

1500 litre capacity stainless steel cylindrical tank complete with sump and baffle


Integral chemical induction hopper

Clean water tank

Clothing locker

Weight tray


Early spring barley

Our customer applied 90 litres p/hectare of Omex 7-20-0 liquid fertiliser to the plant on the right which shows better root development and an overall stronger plant when compared to the plant on the left.


what our customers say

“We have regularly used S&K Sprayer Services and found them to be very reliable and efficient in all they have done for us. In addition to the normal sprayer repairs and servicing they have made two precision fertiliser applicators for our subsoilers, which have worked very effectively. We have always been very satisfied with their services and would hesitate to recommend them to other people.”

HR Munks Agricultural Contractors, South Kyme


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